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Support for Ukraine

Horrified by the illegal actions of the Russian government against Ukraine, a sovereign and independent state, the FATIGUE and POPREBEL consortia wish to express their unfaltering support for the citizens of Ukraine. We further stand in solidarity with citizens of Russia who oppose the despicable actions of the country’s current leadership. Dedicated to the freedom of academia and research, we view our Ukrainian and Russian colleagues’ valuable work as key to uncovering the dangers of exclusionary ideologies, mythologised visions of history and modern disinformation campaigns.

You can help Ukraine by supporting organisations and NGOs currently providing assistance on the ground:


Populism in Central and Eastern Europe: FATIGUE and POPREBEL

FATIGUE and POPREBEL, two large, multi-disciplinary projects supported by the Horizon 2020 funding scheme of the European Commission, aim at taking stock of the recent rise of populism – in its various forms – in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). An international consortium of six universities and Edgeryders, a social enterprise doing research on and through collective intelligence, is led by UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. It aims to describe the rise of populism, create a typology of its various manifestations, investigate its causes, interpret its meanings, diagnose its consequences and propose policy solutions. Our focus is on the CEE region but we engage in comparisons with populisms in other parts of the world, particularly Western Europe.

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