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Populism in the News

Headlines across the media

March 2023

09 March: The Gordian Knot Of The Balkans: What Is The Kosovo Issue? (Visegrad Insight)

February 2023

23 February: Right to resist: How war changed Ukraine’s feminist movement (Open Democracy)

January 2023

30 January: Polish health minister ‘appalled’ girl, 14, struggled to get abortion after rape (The Guardian)

23 January: The feminist movement in Eastern Europe: struggles in a changing landscape (Open Democracy)

November 2022

10 November: How Chinese Investment Props Up Orbán and Erodes Democracy (Visegrad Insight)

October 2022

31 October: Across the Balkans, women are taking to the streets in anger (Open Democracy)

21 October: Will Polish police repeat crackdown on anti-abortion protests two years on? (Open Democracy)

September 2022

25 September: War and disinformation: pro-Russian narratives thrive in Hungary as Ukraine fights off aggression (Kafkadesk)

14 September: EuroPride march to go ahead despite government ban, organisers say (Open Democracy)

09 September: Poland’s ruling party counts on anti-EU stance to boost election chances (The Guardian)

August 2022

04 August: The New Czech Government in Pro-Kremlin Media — A Case Study of the Sputnik CZ ‘News Site’ (Visegrad Insight)

July 2022

29 July: Slovak Disinformation Scene at the End of the Year 2021 (Visegrad Insight)

07 July: The Strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation (Visegrad Insight)

06 July: What overturning Roe v Wade could mean for abortion in Europe (Open Democracy)

June 2022

14 June: Slovenia’s New Government Rejects ‘Orbán’s Visegrad’ (Visegrad Insight)

May 2022

24 May: Hungarian Passports are a Trap for Ukrainian Roma (Visegrad Insight)

13 May: Orban Is Losing Friends as Poland Gives Him the Cold Shoulder (Bloomberg)

05 May: Milos Zeman: Is Czech president’s remorse genuine over his pro-Russian stance? (Euronews)

April 2022

29 April: Bosnian politician who wanted LGBTIQ people ‘isolated’ loses landmark case (Visegrad Insight)

28 April: Russia’s Digital Battleground: Polish Society (Visegrad Insight)

24 April: Is Hungary’s Viktor Orbán the US Christian Right’s new Vladimir Putin? (Open Democracy)

March 2022

18 March: Slovakia Is Divided as Never Before (Visegrad Insight)

15 March: The Fringe Left and Not-So-Fringe Right (Visegrad Insight)

09 March: Scandal and upheaval hits the ‘anti-gender’ movement in Poland (Open Democracy)

08 March: German court rules far-right AfD party a suspected threat to democracy (Guardian)

04 March: Will Hungary Ignore the Definitive Moment in Europe? (VIsegrad Insight)

February 2022

02 February: The Orbán Regime Intimidates Roma Community to Win the Elections (Visegrad Insight)

January 2022

28 January 2022: Why do women join radical-Right parties? (Open Democracy)

25 January 2022: Romania’s Manufactured Exit Campaign Rise in Social Media (Visegrad Insight)

14 January 2022: Meet the conservative who could unseat Viktor Orbán (Open Democracy)

December 2021

15 December: The political economy of populism in Europe (Chatham House)

13 December: Populism is Always Gendered (Institut Montaigne)

November 2021

12 November: Turning propaganda into public service broadcasting in Poland (Notes from Poland)

01 November: The far Right has moved from climate denial to obstructing climate action (Open Democracy)

October 2021

21 October: Everyone Stands to Lose from the EU-Poland Rule-of-Law Dispute (World Politics Review)

18 October: The Centre-Right Antidote For EU Populism (Visegrad Insight)

13 October: Czechs Defeat a Populist, Offering a Road Map for Toppling Strongmen (New York Times)

08 October: Czech Elections Waiting For A Defining Moment (Visegrad Insight)

September 2021

30 September: Poland all but confirms Amnesty’s claims of illegal refugee pushbacks (Emerging Europe)

16 September: Germany Election Playbook: Laschet ist ein Hamburger — Scholz’s liberal love — Röttgen on a roll (Politico)

10 September: The Polish Deal — a New Face or Just Different Makeup? (Visegrad Insight)

02 September: A Few More Years for Mr Andrej Babiš (Visegrad Insight)

August 2021

17 August: Harmful Political Theatre (Visegrad Insight)

17 August: Polish government announces new child benefits for families to “create the future of our nation” (Notes from Poland)

11 August: No Holiday for the Media and Democracy in Poland (Visegrad Insight)

01 August: The Guardian view on Fortress Europe: a continent losing its moral compass (Guardian)

July 2021

26 July: Far-right accused of aiding German floods clear-up to win support (Guardian)

13 July: Resentment and populism: A philosophical inquiry (European Center for Populism Studies)

12 July: Bifurcating Paths: Far-right Critics of the EU have Less in Common Than They Pose (Visegrad Insight)

08 July: NfP podcast: Stanley Bill on the sources of PiS’s success (Notes from Poland)

03 July: ‘We Can!’ – a new Green-Left coalition takes over Croatia’s capital (Open Democracy)

01 July: Poland’s LGBTQ protests are glimmers of hope in an illiberal dystopia (Guardian)

June 2021

30 June: “Stop financing fascism”: public figures appeal to Polish government after grants to far-right groups (Notes from Poland)

18 June: What does the Global Corruption Barometer tell us about Poland? (Notes from Poland)

14 June: Open letter: we need a new university for eastern Europe (Open Democracy)

11 June: The Euros haven’t started, but Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is already a winner (Open Democracy)

03 June: Free Hong Kong Road: Budapest renames streets to frustrate Chinese campus plan (Guardian)

02 June: How has the coronavirus pandemic crisis affected Polish politics? (Notes from Poland)

01 June: Viktor Orbán Beefs Up Support in Neighbouring Slovakia (Visegrad Insight)

May 2021

25 May: Is pandemic isolation pushing people towards extremism? (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right)

18 May: Seán Hanley on the rise of illiberalism in Czechia (Illiberalism)

18 May: How Are Religious Emotions Instrumentalized in the Supply of and Demand for Populism? (ECPS)

18 May: How Europe can protect independent media in Hungary and Poland (Politico)

14 May: First Aid for Polish Democracy (EU Scream)

11 May: Situating populism beyond the deformation of Eurocentric and post-democratic narratives (Open Democracy)

05 May: Less than one third of Poles see their country as democratic, finds global survey (Notes from Poland)

April 2021

28 April: Tilting the Playing Field in Hungary and Poland through Informal Power (GMF)

28 April: Poland has seen region’s fastest democratic decline, finds Freedom House (Notes from Poland)

20 April: Populism and Covid-19 in Europe: What we learned from the first wave of the pandemic (LSE Blogs)

14 April: ‘Worrying picture’: Journalists in Europe face increasing risk, press freedom group warns (Guardian)

12 April: Court suspends Polish state oil giant’s media takeover (Notes from Poland)

06 April: Ten Factors that Encourage Extremism (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right)

01 April: From street to state: How radical nationalists gained power in Poland (Open Democracy)

March 2021

31 March: Poland: Escalating Threats to Women Activists (Human Rights Watch)

31 March: Germany’s COVID sceptics fuelled by Russian media and far-Right conspiracies (Open Democracy)

26 March: European far-Right populism and ISIS: Two sides of the same coin? (Open Democracy)

11 March: EU fears death of free media in eastern Europe (EU Observer)

10 March: Germany’s far-right AfD lawmakers visit Moscow (Deutsche Welle)

02 March: Coercive Clientelism Is on the Rise in Kaczyński’s Poland (Visegrad Insight)

February 2021

18 February: As Norway’s far Right declines in popularity, a new populist force rises (Open Democracy)

16 February: The cost of populism: Evidence from history (Voxeu)

12 February: Polish government “attacking independent media”, finds International Press Institute report

10 February: Dutch court escalates rule of law battle with Poland (Politico)

01 February: Global transformation: the precariat overcoming populism (Open Democracy)

January 2021

28 January: ‘Declaration of War’: Protesters in Poland Vow to Fight Abortion Ban (New York Times)

27 January: Protests return to Polish streets as anti-abortion ruling finally goes into force (Notes from Poland)

18 January: Precarity, populism, and prospects for a green democratic transformation (Open Democracy)

12 January: Will Europe Part Ways With Populism in 2021? (World Politics Review)

11 January: The Populist Effects of COVID-19 (Visegrad Insight)

11 January: Is Left populism possible? (Open Democracy)

December 2020

26 December: Right-Wing Populism May Be Wounded, But It’s Certainly Not Dead (Jacobin)

17 December: Unlike Trump, Europe’s far-right leaders haven’t been damaged by the pandemic (The Guardian)

10 December: For Europe, losing Britain is bad. Keeping Hungary and Poland could be worse (The Guardian)

07 December: Polish state energy giant buys hundreds of local media outlets from German owner (Notes from Poland)

04 December: The Janus-faced Immigration Policy of Slovakia (Demos)

02 December: Marta Lempart on leading Poland’s abortion rights protests (Financial Times)

November 2020

25 November: EU’s foreign policy gender plan faces resistance from Poland and Hungary (Politico)

19 November: Rule of law causes cracks in Visegrad Four (Euractiv)

13 November: Leaders at a loss as coronavirus catches up with central Europe (Guardian)

10 November: Lost in Transit: How Hungary Scrapped Asylum (Balkan Insight)

09 November: In the EU’s east, the far right seeks to exploit the pandemic (Notes from Poland)

05 November: From Chicago to Kiev, women send solidarity to Poland after abortion ban (Open Democracy)

October 2020

30 October: The symbols of Poland’s abortion protests explained (Notes from Poland)

29 October: For Poland’s ruling party, waging war against women pays off (Politico)

25 October: The Observer view on Poland’s draconian abortion ban (The Guardian)

19 October: Why New Zealand rejected populist ideas other nations have embraced (The Guardian)

14 October: Abortion Without Borders: a bold, feminist reply to Poland’s draconian laws (Open Democracy)

06 October: Trans woman wins landmark ruling in Poland against employer who made her wear male uniform (Notes from Poland)

September 2020

28 September: Poland and Hungary to create institute for assessing rule of law in EU countries (Notes from Poland)

25 September: Why loneliness fuels populism (Financial Times)

24 September: How the far right took over the mainstream (Open Democracy)

22 September: The EU Should Not Turn a Blind Eye to Hungary’s Media Capture (German Marshall Fund of the United States)

17 September: Michael Sandel: ‘The populist backlash has been a revolt against the tyranny of merit’ (Guardian)

14 September: Populism in Germany declines sharply, says Bertelsmann study (Deutsche Welle)

12 September: We need to reclaim populism from the right. It has a long, proud leftwing history (Guardian)

08 September: Poland’s civil society awakening – when stones turn political (Open Democracy)

06 September: Student Blockade Protests Viktor Orban’s Reach at a Top Arts University (The New York Times)

04 September: How coronavirus has brought together conspiracy theorists and the far right (Guardian)

01 September: Poland is moving further towards autocracy (Open Democracy)

August 2020

31 August: The right’s culture war is no longer a sideshow to our politics – it is our politics (Guardian)

28 August: How democracies die: the case of Hungary (Prospect Magazine)

23 August: From Washington to Minsk, democracy is under siege … and losing the battle (Guardian)

17 August: Summer of discontent in eastern Europe (EU Observer)

13 August: Mass Arrest of LGBT People Marks Turning Point for Poland (Balkan Insight)

09 August: The Facts Just Aren’t Getting Through (The Atlantic)

06 August: Bulgarian PM says he is ready to resign but wants government to stay (Euroactiv)

06 August: Rainbow flag protesters charged by Polish police (EU Observer)

July 2020

30 July 2020: Populism Is Not A Bug But A Feature Of Globalization (Noema)

30 July 2020: How to laugh away the far-right: lessons from Germany (Open Democracy)

24 July 2020: Who paved the way for the populists? (UnHerd)

23 July 2020: The path from Covid-19 to a new social contract (Financial Times)

16 July 2020: Bild, Merkel and the culture wars: the inside story of Germany’s biggest tabloid (Guardian)

14 July 2020: Poland: trouble ahead (Open Democracy)

13 July 2020: Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party clings on to the presidency (The Economist)

09 July 2020: Polish state media puts squeeze on presidential challenger (Financial Times)

07 July 2020: Elections in Croatia: Conservatives retain the parliamentary majority (Open Democracy)

05 July 2020: Knife-edge Polish presidential race could slow the march of populism (Guardian)

June 2020

25 June 2020: What future for the EU after COVID-19? (Open Democracy)

25 June 2020: For a bitter taste of Polish populism, just watch the evening news (Guardian)

25 June 2020: As he bids for re-election, Poland’s president still struggles to carve out an identity (Notes from Poland)

17 June 2020: Poland’s anti-LGBT campaign explained: 10 questions and answers (Notes from Poland)

15 June 2020: How to dismantle a democracy: the case of Bulgaria (Open Democracy)

04 June 2020: How Viktor Orbán turned the Treaty of Trianon into a dangerous political weapon (New Statesman)

03 June 2020: Give them liberty, or give them Covid-19 (New Statesman)

May 2020

20 May 2020: A power struggle within Poland’s Supreme Court as it seeks to pick new chief justice (Notes from Poland)

14 May 2020: How coronavirus is reshaping Europe in dangerous ways (Guardian)

13 May 2020: Democracy on Pause in Pandemic Poland (Foreign Affairs)

07 May 2020: Neoliberalism is over – welcome to the era of neo-illiberalism (Open Democracy)

April 2020

27 April 2020: Europe’s far right knows how to waste a good crisis (Politico)

18 April 2020: Beware a new wave of populism, born out of coronavirus-induced economic inequity (The Guardian)

14 April 2020: How Greece is beating coronavirus despite a decade of debt (The Guardian)

12 April 2020: Coronavirus is now contaminating Europe’s democracy (The Guardian)

03 April 2020: Creeping Authoritarianism Has Finally Prevailed (The Atlantic)

March 2020

31 March 2020: Populists Love the Pandemic (Project Syndicate)

31 March 2020: The Shocking “Coronavirus Coup” in Hungary Was a Wake-Up Call

18 March 2020: Coronavirus’ next victim: Populism (Politico)

14 March 2020: Populism is Meaningless (The Atlantic)

February 2020

14 February 2020: The trouble with anti-populism: why the champtions of civility keep losing (The Guardian)

November 2019

04 November 2019: How economic populism may determine the winner of this election (The Independent)

October 2019

24 October 2019: How liberalism became ‘the god that failed’ in eastern Europe (The Guardian)

August 2019

29 August 2019: Austrian elections: support for the far right collapses (The Guardian)

23 August 2019: Can too much bad TV lead to populism? (The Guardian)

July 2019

02 July 2019: In Liberal Estonia, Right-Wing Populists Are Making Their Mark (Freedom House)

June 2019

17 June 2019: Why Isn’t Trump a Real Populist? (New York Times)

08 June 2019: Ein demokratisches Frühlingslüftchen (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

May 2019

28 May 2019: The far right may not have cleaned up, but its influence now dominates Europe (The Guardian)

22 May 2019: Want to save Europe? Learn from Poland. Three lessons from our fight against illiberalism (New York Times)

14 May 2019: Orban’s brand of populism blinds him to reality (The Times)

08 May 2019: Broad coalitions key to fighting populism: Polish opposition (Reuters)

March 2019

06 March 2019: Revealed: the rise and rise of populist rhetoric (The Guardian)