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Populism in the News

Headlines across the media

October 2020

14 October: Abortion Without Borders: a bold, feminist reply to Poland’s draconian laws (Open Democracy)

06 October: Trans woman wins landmark ruling in Poland against employer who made her wear male uniform (Notes from Poland)

September 2020

28 September: Poland and Hungary to create institute for assessing rule of law in EU countries (Notes from Poland)

25 September: Why loneliness fuels populism (Financial Times)

24 September: How the far right took over the mainstream (Open Democracy)

22 September: The EU Should Not Turn a Blind Eye to Hungary’s Media Capture (German Marshall Fund of the United States)

17 September: Michael Sandel: ‘The populist backlash has been a revolt against the tyranny of merit’ (Guardian)

14 September: Populism in Germany declines sharply, says Bertelsmann study (Deutsche Welle)

12 September: We need to reclaim populism from the right. It has a long, proud leftwing history (Guardian)

08 September: Poland’s civil society awakening – when stones turn political (Open Democracy)

06 September: Student Blockade Protests Viktor Orban’s Reach at a Top Arts University (The New York Times)

04 September: How coronavirus has brought together conspiracy theorists and the far right (Guardian)

01 September: Poland is moving further towards autocracy (Open Democracy)

August 2020

31 August: The right’s culture war is no longer a sideshow to our politics – it is our politics (Guardian)

28 August: How democracies die: the case of Hungary (Prospect Magazine)

23 August: From Washington to Minsk, democracy is under siege … and losing the battle (Guardian)

17 August: Summer of discontent in eastern Europe (EU Observer)

13 August: Mass Arrest of LGBT People Marks Turning Point for Poland (Balkan Insight)

09 August: The Facts Just Aren’t Getting Through (The Atlantic)

06 August: Bulgarian PM says he is ready to resign but wants government to stay (Euroactiv)

06 August: Rainbow flag protesters charged by Polish police (EU Observer)

July 2020

30 July 2020: Populism Is Not A Bug But A Feature Of Globalization (Noema)

30 July 2020: How to laugh away the far-right: lessons from Germany (Open Democracy)

24 July 2020: Who paved the way for the populists? (UnHerd)

23 July 2020: The path from Covid-19 to a new social contract (Financial Times)

16 July 2020: Bild, Merkel and the culture wars: the inside story of Germany’s biggest tabloid (Guardian)

14 July 2020: Poland: trouble ahead (Open Democracy)

13 July 2020: Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party clings on to the presidency (The Economist)

09 July 2020: Polish state media puts squeeze on presidential challenger (Financial Times)

07 July 2020: Elections in Croatia: Conservatives retain the parliamentary majority (Open Democracy)

05 July 2020: Knife-edge Polish presidential race could slow the march of populism (Guardian)

June 2020

25 June 2020: What future for the EU after COVID-19? (Open Democracy)

25 June 2020: For a bitter taste of Polish populism, just watch the evening news (Guardian)

25 June 2020: As he bids for re-election, Poland’s president still struggles to carve out an identity (Notes from Poland)

17 June 2020: Poland’s anti-LGBT campaign explained: 10 questions and answers (Notes from Poland)

15 June 2020: How to dismantle a democracy: the case of Bulgaria (Open Democracy)

04 June 2020: How Viktor Orbán turned the Treaty of Trianon into a dangerous political weapon (New Statesman)

03 June 2020: Give them liberty, or give them Covid-19 (New Statesman)

May 2020

20 May 2020: A power struggle within Poland’s Supreme Court as it seeks to pick new chief justice (Notes from Poland)

14 May 2020: How coronavirus is reshaping Europe in dangerous ways (Guardian)

13 May 2020: Democracy on Pause in Pandemic Poland (Foreign Affairs)

07 May 2020: Neoliberalism is over – welcome to the era of neo-illiberalism (Open Democracy)

April 2020

27 April 2020: Europe’s far right knows how to waste a good crisis (Politico)

18 April 2020: Beware a new wave of populism, born out of coronavirus-induced economic inequity (The Guardian)

14 April 2020: How Greece is beating coronavirus despite a decade of debt (The Guardian)

12 April 2020: Coronavirus is now contaminating Europe’s democracy (The Guardian)

03 April 2020: Creeping Authoritarianism Has Finally Prevailed (The Atlantic)

March 2020

31 March 2020: Populists Love the Pandemic (Project Syndicate)

31 March 2020: The Shocking “Coronavirus Coup” in Hungary Was a Wake-Up Call

18 March 2020: Coronavirus’ next victim: Populism (Politico)

14 March 2020: Populism is Meaningless (The Atlantic)

February 2020

14 February 2020: The trouble with anti-populism: why the champtions of civility keep losing (The Guardian)

November 2019

04 November 2019: How economic populism may determine the winner of this election (The Independent)

October 2019

24 October 2019: How liberalism became ‘the god that failed’ in eastern Europe (The Guardian)

August 2019

29 August 2019: Austrian elections: support for the far right collapses (The Guardian)

23 August 2019: Can too much bad TV lead to populism? (The Guardian)

July 2019

02 July 2019: In Liberal Estonia, Right-Wing Populists Are Making Their Mark (Freedom House)

June 2019

17 June 2019: Why Isn’t Trump a Real Populist? (New York Times)

08 June 2019: Ein demokratisches Frühlingslüftchen (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

May 2019

28 May 2019: The far right may not have cleaned up, but its influence now dominates Europe (The Guardian)

22 May 2019: Want to save Europe? Learn from Poland. Three lessons from our fight against illiberalism (New York Times)

14 May 2019: Orban’s brand of populism blinds him to reality (The Times)

08 May 2019: Broad coalitions key to fighting populism: Polish opposition (Reuters)

March 2019

06 March 2019: Revealed: the rise and rise of populist rhetoric (The Guardian)