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Carlos Gómez del Tronco

ESR 11: Cultures of reaction: anti-migrant feeling (UCL)

Carlos Gómez del Tronco has an MA with honours in International Relations and European Studies from Metropolitan University Prague and a BA in Media Communication from  Carlos III University in Madrid. In 2017-8, he interned for half a year at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in Vienna, where he co-authored a forthcoming article on the obstruction of asylum in the recent co-operation between the EU and Libyan coastguards. He is particularly interested in the limits of liberalism, the formation of values and its interaction with perceived insecurities as well as the impact of new communication technologies in shaping political preferences. 

As an Early State Researcher on the FATIGUE programme, he will investigate the mainstreaming of Islamophobic and anti-‘refugee’ discourses and attitudes in the Czech Republic. He is supervised by Anne White and Richard Mole at UCL and Emil Aslan at Charles University in Prague.

Work in Progress:

How the fear of Muslim refugees and Islamophobia stole the Czech political agenda

Blog posts:

April 2020: Reinventing ways to preserve Easter traditions in Czechia and Romania