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Work in Progress

Carolin Heilig (ESR01): Re-claiming ‘the people’: Young feminist activists in Poland

Francesco Melito (ESR02): Finding the Roots of Neo-traditional Populism in Poland. ‘Cultural Displacement’ and European Integration

Michael Cole (ESR03): Soft Power, Cats, Branding and the Ukrainian Far-Right

Sabine Volk (ESR04): Monday marches, once again: Memories of the 1989 ‘Peaceful Revolution’ in the far-right populist movement PEGIDA in Dresden

Andrzej Sadecki (ESR05): Centenary of “Trianon” – Memory Politics in Orban’s Hungary

Ionut Chiruta (ESR06): Converging minority trans-border mobilization through nationalistic and populist frameworks

Paulina Lenik (ESR07): A pendulum swung back? Populist fever in the CEE

Elena Cossu (ESR08): Political Economic Causes of Emerging Populism: Mapping and Conceptualizing Key Variables

Denis Ivanov (ESR09): The Curious Case of Inequality and Political Party Competition in CEE: Lithuania, Hungary and Poland

Carlos Gómez del Tronco (ESR11): How the fear of Muslim refugees and Islamophobia stole the Czech political agenda

Olena Yermakova (ESR12): The Mythology of Law and Justice’s (PiS) Migration Discourse

Slobodanka Dekic (ESR13): Negotiating Family: Family Politics and LGBTIQ organizations in Serbia

Mátyás Máté (ESR14): Towards a Social Network Model of Political Success: The Case of and the Populist Take-Over in Hungary (2004-2019)

Mina Baginova (ESR15): The Inner Dynamics of New Feminist Movements and Women’s Protests in East-Central Europe