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Denis Ivanov

ESR 9: The impact of economic populism on inequality (CUB)

Denis Ivanov has a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES) from the University of Bologna, Italy. He has vast experience working in risk management and anti-money laundering in the corporate sector of the financial industry and has been involved with several NGOs in Lithuania and Hungary which deal with transparency and research. A Russian native-speaker, Denis is also fluent in Romanian, Lithuanian, English and Italian and is currently studying Hungarian. His research interests revolve around the issues of the transition economies of Eastern Europe, economic populism, global financial crisis, economic inequality and insecurity as well as perception of inequality in the region. At FATIGUE, Denis is dealing with the discrepancy between real levels of inequality in the CEE region and the perception of these levels that are influenced by political actions and cultural framing. Besides research, Denis enjoys playing basketball at a semi-professional level, hiking and swing dancing. 

Denis is supervised by Péter Gedeon and István Benczes at Corvinus University of Budapest and Julia Korosteleva at UCL.