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Máté Mátyás

ESR 14: The depoliticisation of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Born and raised as a first-generation child of ethnic Hungarian parents from Transylvania in post-socialist Hungary, Máté Mátyás has always been fascinated by foreign languages, cultures, politics and societies. This is why he decided to study International Relations and Public Administration at universities in Hungary, the United Kingdom, China and the United States. His aim as a FATIGUE ESR is to put his expertise to good use and understanding the Central and East European region in a wider context. With his research, he hopes to contribute a more precise analysis of Central and East European societies after the fall of one-party communist dictatorships using novel methods and developing fresh ideas for the social sciences. In his free time, he likes to read, follow current events, listen to music and spend quality time with his loved ones and friends.

He is supervised by István Kollai and András Tétényi at Corvinus and by Andres Kasekamp at Tartu University.

Work in Progress:

Towards a Social Network Model of Political Success: The Case of and the Populist Take-Over in Hungary (2004-2019)

Media Systems, Party Systems, and Populism: A Relational Analysis of the Interrelationship in Hungary (1990-2020)