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Mina P. Baginova

ESR 15: Protest movements as a form of popular movement (Charles University in Prague)

Mina’s research at FATIGUE explores the contemporary feminist social movements and women’s mobilizations in the midst of far-right and conservative anti-gender politics in East Central Europe. With the background in social anthropology and social movements studies, she uses on-site multi-sited ethnography and digital ethnography to analyze the strategies, practices, and inner dynamics of feminist movements in systematic change building after the 1989 neoliberal political transitions in the region. Her previous work includes ethnographic social movement research on migration and solidarity activism in Greece and Turkey, and student and feminist mobilizations after the post-dictatorship transitions in Latin America. She is a member of EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists) and a programme coordinator of ‘Mobilizing the Planet’ annual conference organized by the Applied Anthropology Network.

She is supervised by Michal Kubát and Kateřina Králová at Charles University and by Vello Pettai at Tartu University.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @mina_baginova

Work in Progress:

The Inner Dynamics of New Feminist Movements and Women’s Protests in East-Central Europe

Publications (selected):

  • New Forms of Transnational Mobilizations and Activism in East Central Europe in the Face of Current Threats Against the Gender. DiGeSt Special Issue (2022) (forthcoming)
  • Rethinking Summer School: Reflections on LOVA Summer School 2019. LOVA Journal of Gender Studies & Feminist Anthropology, No 40 (2019)
  • Towards the ‘Not Yet’: Radical Practices of the Student Social Movement in Post-Dictatorship Chile. Available from the journal collection of the University of Amsterdam (2016)
  • From the Centre of Europe to the End of the World: Intimate Reflections on Activism, Healing, and Belonging in the Field. AllegraLab (2015)
  • Shoes, Walking, and Reflections on Subtle Conflicts Within Social Movements. AllegraLab (2015)

Newspaper articles:

International Conferences and Outreach Activities (selected):

  • State Violence Research Network Conference, Manchester (2020)
  • International Congress on a Philosophy of Emancipation, Diversity, and the Life of the Planet, University of Havana (2019)
  • ‘Is Gender Dangerous?’, The Network for the Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality (NAGS EASA. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2019)
  • Methods for the Study of Political Participation and Mobilizations, COSMOS Center on Social Movements Studies. Florence (2019)
  • Contested Borderscapes: Transnational Geographies vis-a-vis Fortress Europe. Panteion University. Lesvos (2017)
  • Actors, Practice, Imaginaries &Identities: the City from an Anthropological Standpoint. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima (2017)
  • Student Movements and (Post-)Colonial Emancipations: Transnational Itineraries, Dialogues and Programmes’. Universite Paris Diderot (2015)