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Ionut Valentin Chiruta

ESR 6: The impact of conflicting memories on ethnic relations (University of Tartu)

Ionut’s research project investigates how populism is shaping Romanian politics and reconstructing the memory and political identity of the Hungarian community. Specifically, Ionut will study the political activities of the Romanian and Hungarian governments, as well as the causes and effect of the aforementioned administrations have upon the ethnic Hungarian minority from Romania.

Prior to his Ph.D., Ionut received a MAc in Media Studies from the University of Oslo and a BAc in Communication from the Cuza University. Foregoing places of study and research include Maastricht, Tartu, Budapest and Helsinki.

Ionut is supervised by dr. Vello Andres Pettai at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies from the University of Tartu, Estonia.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @IonutChiruta

Personal Website: Ionut Chiruta

Academic profiles: Google Scholar, Orcid, ResearchGate

Work in Progress:

Converging minority trans-border mobilization through nationalistic and populist frameworks

Multifaced Hungarian kin-state activism in Széklerland: Rebuilding the last ‘nation’ through restorative nostalgia and lieux de mémoire, Journal of Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe (JEMIE)

Populism, nationalism, and kin-state activism: Measuring the perception of the ethnic Széklers from Romania – Nationalities Papers

‘Nihil Sine Deo’ in far-right protests – rituals of rebellions and counter-hegemonic narratives during anti-coronavirus protests

Right-wing mobilization strategies and diaspora politics: the rise and support of A.U.R. in Romania

Academic Publications:

  • Chiruta, I. (2021). Challenging the Rule of Law in Romania: The Metamorphosis of Political Discourse Towards Populism. Problems of Post-Communism, 0(0), 1-18.  
  • Chiruta, I. (2021). The Representation of Roma in the Romanian Media During COVID-19: Performing Control Through Discursive-Performative Repertoires. Frontiers in Political Science, DOI:
  • Chiruta, I. (2020). Using the Past in Populist Co mmunicational Strategies: How the Memory of Securitate isInstrumentalised in Romanian Politics?. Populism, DOI:

Blog posts:

11/2021: The deadly face of Romanian politics

6/2021: The Prince and the Bear – a fairy tale about nationalism in Romania

4/2020: Reinventing ways to preserve Easter traditions in Czechia and Romania

4/2020: Years of political clientelism and cronyism affect Romania’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic

3/2020: Greece: Unequal Treatment of Migrants Before the Law

3/2020: Dietary Requirements – How Migrants Dignity is Challanged?

2/2020: Bulgaria and Pre-Trial Detention Centres of Migrant Children

Conferences (selection):

  • 6/2021: Council for European Studies Annual Conference (CES) (Online) – as paper presenter for two papers
  • 3/2021: Political Studies Association (PSA) (Online) – as paper presenter
  • 5/2021: Helsinki Conference on “Emotions, Populism, and Polarisation” (Online) – as paper presenter and discussant
  • 8/2020: ECPR General Conference (Online) – as paper presenter
  • 12/2019: Contemporary populism and its political consequences: Discourses and practices in Central and South-Eastern Europe| University of Belgrade | as paper presenter
  • 11/2019: International Conference – The rule of law at risk? From ideational consensus to increased dissensus | By Invitation | Organisers – Institute for European Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles | as paper presenter
  • 11/2019: CBEES Annual Conference 2019: Central and Eastern Europe 1989-2019: Orders and Freedoms | Organisers – Södertörn University and Uppsala University | as paper presenter
  • 9/2019: 1989’s Contested Legacies | Panel 2 – Transformation of the State and its institutions: challenging the rule of law | Organisers – the University of Warsaw, Centre de civilisation française et d’études francophones (CCFEF) – Université de Varsovie| as paper presenter
  • 9/2019: European Consortium for Political Research – General Conference’ | Organisers – the University of Wroclaw | as participant
  • 8/2019: Emotions, Populism and Polarisation in Politics, Media, and Culture | Panel 3-1 The importance of media for populist parties and leaders: cases of Romania and Poland | Organisers – the University of Helsinki | as paper presenter
  • 6/2019: The post-1989 Springtime of National Minorities? | Panel 3A – Kin-state Activism and Minority Mobilisation | Organisers – Central European University (CEU) and the Tom Lantos Institute from Budapest | as paper presenter
  • 5/2019: 5th Eastern Platform | Organisers – Tartu University | Panel 2a – Regionalism and Neighbourhoods | as moderator