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ESR presentations (1-2 April 2022, Prague)

FATIGUE Final Conference

ESR01 – Civil society’s ties to political parties: Insights from mobilisation around gender in Poland

ESR02 – The role of culture and tradition in the shift towards illiberalism: The counter hegemonic challenge of Polish neo traditionalism

ESR03 – Representations of Russia in Ukrainian and Georgian Far Right Discourses

ESR04 – Resisting Leftist Dictatorship? Memory Politics and Collective Action Framing by Populist Far-right PEGIDA in Dresden

ESR05 – The politicisation of commemorative practices in Eastern Europe: The case of the Trianon centenary in Orbán’s Hungary

ESR06 – Populism, Nationalism, and Kin state activism: Measuring how the ethnic Széklers see the stimuli within the Triadic Nexus

ESR07 – The legacy of transition? Identifying the dfferences in populist attributes of Central and Eastern Europe

ESR08 – The effect of populist policies on economic growth in Hungary

ESR09 – Socio-Economic Inequality and Populism in Europe

ESR10 – Remembering Victims of History: Antisemitic Prejudice in Serbia and Croatia

ESR11 – Causes and nature of anti-Muslim prejudice in Czechia according to citizens

ESR12 – Between rightwing discourse and liberal policy: The curious case of Ukrainian migration into Poland

ESR13 – Negotiating Family: Family Politics and LGBTIQ organizations in Serbia

ESR14 – The impact of populist strategy: Temporal social network analysis of civil society media and mass media in post-communist Hungary (1990-2020)

ESR15 – Contemporary social movements in East Central Europe: Feminist movements and protest mobilizations in Poland and their transnational networks