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In the news

On this page you will find links to newspaper articles and other media appearances in which the populism expertise of the POPREBEL researchers has been featured.

8 October 2021: Sean Hanley ‘Andrej Babis believes he has a secret weapon in the Czech elections: Viktor Orban’ (Euronews)

07 October 2021: Jan Kubik and Richard Mole ‘Populist rebellion against modernity in 21st-century Eastern Europe: neo-traditionalism and neo-feudalism’ (CORDIS)

7 October 2021: Sean Hanley ‘Czech Opposition Takes Anti-Populist Unity for a Test Drive’ (Balkan Insight)

19 September 2021: Liisa Talving ‘TV show episode on political polarization in societies’ (ETV – Estonian Public Broadcasting)

26 August 2021: Richard Mole ‘Erst waren Flüchtlinge seine Sündenböcke, jetzt sind es LGBT-Personen’ (Die Welt)

28 June 2021: Richard Mole ‘Autocrats Are Weaponizing Homophobia’ (Bloomberg)

22 July 2021: Richard Mole ‘Can homophobic policies win elections?’ (Sky News)

02 July 2021: Richard Mole ‘Conflicts between Hungary and its EU neighbors over Hungary’s new law that bans LGBTQ+ education to minors’ (Korean Radio)

01 February: Vello Pettai ‘Estonia’s far-right leader is down but not out’ (Politico¨)

13 January 2021: Vello Pettai ‘Scandal Sinks Estonian Prime Minister and His Far-Right Allies’ (Bloomberg)

13 January 2021: Liisa Talving ‘Korruptionsvorwürfe: Estnischer Regierungschef Ratas tritt zurück’ (Euronews)

02 December 2020: Vello Pettai ‘Estonia’s techies fear the far right’ (Politico)