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Work in Progress

ASAVEI, Maria (Charles University): ‘Strategies of Resistance through Art to Right-Wing Populism in East-Central Europe: Archives and Fake Political Parties’

BENCZES, Istvan (Corvinus University of Budapest): ‘Economic populism: From a macroeconomic perspective to a micro view’

BENCZES, Istvan (Corvinus University of Budapest): ‘Taking back control over the economy: Reconceptualising economic populism’

KOLLAI, Istvan (Corvinus University of Budapest): ‘Politicization and Competitiveness of CEE Business Actors’

KUBIK, Jan (UCL): ‘A Culture War Over the Shape of Public Sphere in Poland’

KUBIK, Jan, MOLE, Richard (UCL), COTTICA, Alberto (Edgeryders): ‘Comparing techniques to reduce networks of ethnographic codes co-occurrence’

PETSINIS, Vassilis (University of Tartu): ‘Refugee crisis and the populist and radical right in Estonia and Latvia’

PETTAI, Vello (University fo Tartu): ‘Foresight scenarios on populism: Imagining Central and Eastern European politics in 2030’

PIEKARSKA-DURAJ, Łucja and SADECKA, Agnieszka (Jagiellonian University): ‘The Curse of/on the Clergy: Backlash Against the Catholic Church in Poland post-2015’

PIEKARSKA-DURAJ, Łucja and SADECKA, Agnieszka (Jagiellonian University): ‘Populism, Neo-Traditionalism and the Backlash Against Catholic Church in Post-2015 Poland: the debates around “The Curse” and “Clergy”’

SADECKA, Agnieszka (Jagiellonian University): ‘Post-transformational dissatisfaction in Poland and the rise of populism’

STYCZYNSKA, Natasza (Jagiellonian University): ‘Populist Euroscepticism in Poland: Defining the main research areas’

WIERENGA, Louis (University of Tartu): ‘Conservative People’s Party of Estonia and far right in Estonia’