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05 February 2024 (Natasza Styczyńska): POPULISM IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE presentation

18 April 2022 (Ognjen Radonjić): ‘Serbia under current EU crude oil and natural gas sanctions’

18 April 2022 (Nikola Samaržić): ‘EU Fatigue, Populist Rebellion and War on Ukraine’

20 January 2022 (Natasza Styczyńska): ‘Can you have your cake and eat it too? The story of Polish populist Euroscepticism’

03 December 2021 (Rita Hornok): ‘Márki-Zay vs Orbán: Will the 2022 Elections be a Tale of Two Anti-Elitisms?’

23 November 2021 (Maria Alina Asavei): ‘The Beauty and the Beast: Romanian Young Conservatives against the Western “Seven-Headed Monster”’

17 November 2021 (István Kollai): ‘Pollanyi and Football’

05 November 2021 (Vassilis Petsinis): ‘Estonian municipal elections 2021: EKRE increases its popularity

07 October 2021 (Sean Hanley): ‘Czech elections: despite the Pandora Papers Babiš will be hard to dislodge

27 July 2021 (Richard Mole): ‘Hungary’s anti-LGBT law: straight from the populist playbook?