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Aleksandar Uzelac

Senior Research Associate at the Institute of History, Belgrade

Dr. Aleksandar Uzelac contributes to WP4 (Politics) to Task 4.2 ‘History of populist political parties in Yugoslavia and post-Yugoslav states’ along with Haris Dajc and other reserachers. He will also contribute to report resulting from WP4. He is primarily a medieval historian with a strong interest oriented toward the research of migrations and modern populism.


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  • A. Uzelac (2021) Century of the Tatars’ ‘Hegemony’. The Golden Horde and Bulgarian lands (1241–1341). The Routledge Handbook of the Mongols and Central-Eastern Europe. ed. by A. V. Maiorov, R. Hautala. – London–New York : Routledge, 212–232.
  • A. Uzelac (2021) Kraljica Evropa. Beogradski istorijski glasnik 12, 19–35.
  • A. Uzelac (2019) Cumans in the Latin Empire of Constantinople. Zolotoordynskoe obozrenie 7/1, 8–21.
  • A. Uzelac (2018). Krstaši i Srbi. Belgrade: Utopia