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Daniel Hires

WP2 German Community Manager, UCL/Edgeryders

Daniel is a social entrepreneur and ecosystem builder. He spent the last decade helping public institutions, a UN office, companies, non-profits, communities, and social entrepreneurs build thriving communities of purpose, ranging from local “artivist” collectives to globally engaging citizens in social innovation, and sustainable entrepreneurs across 8 countries in MENA. 

In addition to lecturing on social innovation between Berlin and Barcelona, he co-founded the Bold New World collective to help communities move from transactional cultures towards deeper connection. Daniel is a global citizen who grew up between Asia, Europe and the US. He is frequently invited to speak, moderate or facilitate workshops, and he is dedicated to mentoring social enterprises that aim for systems change. He also works as a coach with leaders who are transitioning towards new leadership paradigms.

Rüssel, M. (2012) Phase 0: How to make some action. Fruehwerk Verlag. (co-author, link)