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Dr Alberto Cottica

Research Director, Edgeryders

WP2 leader and data analyst

Albert Cottica is an economist and policy expert, with lengthy experience of
designing, delivering and evaluating open government projects. He has a PhD in quantitative economics with a strong network science slant. He is a leading voice on open government in Italy and has more than 10 years of experience launching online communities for youth, the creative economy and social innovation at the subnational, national and supranational levels. He has substantial expertise as a researcher both in academia and in the public sector. In his spare time, he is the founder of the Spaghetti Open Data online community and the president of the Italian open government NGO Wikitalia.


  • Cottica, A. et al. (2017) ‘Semantic Social Networks: A New Approach to Scaling Digital Ethnography’, International Conference on Internet Science. Cham: Springer
  • Cottica, A., Melançon, G. and Renoust, B. (2016) ‘Testing for the signature of policy in online communities’ in Cherifi, H., Gaito, S., Quattrociocchi, W. and Sala, A. (eds) International Workshop on Complex Networks and Their Applications. Cham: Springer, 41–54
  • Other publications: