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Dr Andrey Makarychev

Visiting Professor

University of Tartu

WP4 Researcher

POPREBEL project: Populist imageries and popular geopolitics

Andrey Makarychev will look at populism through the lens of popular geopolitics, a discipline that studies attitudes to spaces, borders and identities existing beyond political elites, which manifest themselves through performative practices, vernacular discourses (including myths, stereotypes, misperceptions, conspiracy theories) and images. It will undertake this by examining and researching the cases of three target countries: Estonia, Poland and Slovakia.


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  • Makarychev, A. and Yatsyk, A. (2017) ‘Biopolitics and national identities: between liberalism and totalization’, Nationalities Papers, 45 (1), 1−7
  • Makarychev, A. and Yatsyk, A. (2017) ‘Estonia and the refugees: political discourses and artistic representations’, Global Affairs, 3, 45−57
  • Makarychev, A. and Yatsyk, A. (2018) ‘Sovereignty and Russian national identity-making: The biopolitical dimension’ in Kolstø, P. and Blakkisrud, H. (eds) Russia before and after Crimea. Nationalism and Identity 2010-17. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press
  • Makarychev, A. and Yatsyk, A. (2018) Boris Nemtsov and Russian Politics: Power and Resistance. Stuttgart: ibidem Verlag