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Dr Haris Dajč

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

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Haris Dajč is the Scientist-in-Charge at the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade, where he coordinates the Faculty of Philosophy team of researchers. He is Co-Leader of WP4 (Politics) and contributes to WP3 (Culture). He will contribute to the Report on new media and right wing populist discourse within Task 3.1 ‘New media and populism: cyber-politics and media literacy in the Western Balkans’ and is the leader of Task 4.1 ‘History of populist political parties in Yugoslavia and post-Yugoslav states’ along with Maja Vasiljević, Milivoj Bešlin and Nikola Pantelić.  


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  • Lakić, B. and Dajč, H. (2018) ’The Holocaust and Restitution in Serbia : confiscation of Jewish property in Serbia’, Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review, vol 41, 607-616
  • Roter Blagojević, M. and Dajč, H. (2018) Houses of Belgrade Jews: 1920-1941. Belgrade: Heraedu and Institute for Public Policy
  • Dajč, H. (2017) ’Jews of former Yugoslavia and their decline after Wars in Yugoslavia: Legal and Material Position in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991 -2016’, Belgrade Historical Review, vol. 8, 111-136
  • Dajč, H. (2017) Sumrak starog Mediterana: Jonska ostrva 1774-1815. Belgrade: HERA edu i NBI istrazivacki centar