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Dr Natasza Styczyńska

Assistant Professor at the Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University

WP4 Researcher

Follow Natasza on Twitter at @nat_styczynska

Natasza Styczyńska will mostly be involved in Task 4.4. on populist Euroscepticism in Poland. This task investigates the determinants of EU contestation in Poland and assesses the extent to which populist Euroscepticism in Poland is a phenomenon of the political right. Anti-European rhetoric emerged in new postcommunist EU member states alongside European integration, which accompanied the processes of transformation and modernization, but also the general trend of globalisation. Euroscepticism has also often been linked with the populism that appears both in the mainstream and at the margins of the political spectrum. Observation of populist political parties, their rhetoric and initiatives highlights that many populist slogans are, at the same time, anti-European. This is not only the case in newer member states, but also in countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and France, where populists are already in the political mainstream. However, anti-European populism is especially interesting in the case of Poland, a new member state that is the biggest beneficiary of EU funds and one of the most pro-European societies in the EU.


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Work in Progress:

‘Populist Euroscepticism in Poland: Defining the main research areas’