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Dr Piret Ehin

Senior Researcher in Comparative Politics

University of Tartu

WP4 Researcher

POPREBEL project: ‘Regime performance and support for populist parties in Central and Eastern Europe’

Piret Ehin will systematically scrutinize the links between macro-level indicators of regime performance, popular evaluations and attitudes, and patterns of support for populist actors in all post-communist EU member states over several decades. Understanding the demand side of populism, as well as the interaction between demand and supply, is central to understanding the success of political ‘suppliers’ of populism and the appeals they make.


  • Ehin, P., & Talving, L. (2020). Second-order effects or ideational rifts? Explaining outcomes of European elections in an era of populist politics. Italian Political Science Review/Rivista Italiana Di Scienza Politica, 1-18. doi:10.1017/ipo.2020.27
  • Vassil, K., Solvak, M. and Ehin, P. (2016) ‘More Choice, Higher Turnout? The Impact of Consideration Set Size and Homogeneity on Political Participation’, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties, 26 (1), 78−95
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