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Maja Krek

Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, University of Belgrade

Maja Krek contributes to WP2 and WP3 (Culture) and will also contribute to the Report on the politicisation of gender in populist discourses illustrating various aspects of neo-traditionalism. Along with Danica Balaban and Isidora Jarić, she is responsible for Task 3.4 ‘Gender identities in transformation: patriarchy, misogyny and homophobia as elements of populist politics discourses in Serbia’ and Task 3.1 ‘New media and populism: cyber-politics and media literacy in the Western Balkans’.


  • Krek, M. and Jarić, I. (2018) ‘The impact of austerity measures on women in Serbia’, Feminist Approaches against Austerity Regimes, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.
  • Krek, M. (2016) ‘Nacionalizam mladih Mađara i Srba u Temerinu u uporednom kontekstu: poređenje sa dosadašnjim istraživanjima nacionalizma kod srpske i mađarske omladine u Srbiji’, Anthropology: Journal of the Center for Ethnological and Anthropological Research, vol. 16, 9-31
  • Ilić, V. and Krek, M. (2016) ‘Identifying Yugonostalgia? Revisited: The Limitations of an Application of Nation-Building Theory: a critique to Pal Kolstø, 2014 ‘Identifying with the old or the new state: nation-building vs. Yugonostalgia in the Yugoslav successor states’, Nations and Nationalism, vol. 20, no. 4, 760-781