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Dr Maja Vasiljević

Research Fellow at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Dr Maja Vasiljević contributes to WP3 (Culture) and WP4 (Politics) and will also contribute to the Report on new media and right wing populist discourse. Together with Haris Dajč and Vladimir Ninković, she is responsible for Task 3.1 ‘New media and populism: cyber-politics and media literacy in the Western Balkans’. She also contributes to Task 4.1 ‘History of populist political parties in Yugoslavia and post-Yugoslav states’ along with Haris Dajč, Milivoj Bešlin and Nikola Pantelić. She will also contribute to reports resulting from WP4.


  • Vasiljević, M. and Dajč, H. (2017) ‘Between courtly, civil and military service: military musicians in the Principality and Kingdom of Serbia’, Istrazivanja, vol. 28, 118-133
  • Vasiljević, M. (2016) Film music in SFRY: Between Poetics and Politics. Belgrade: Hesperia Edu
  • Dajč, H. and Vasiljević, M. (2014) ‘“Moving” of immovable Jewish property in Belgrade as a consequence of Holocaust’, Limes Plus, vol. 11, 139-154
  • Vasiljević, M. (2014) ‘A ‘Quiet African Episode’ for the Serbian Army in the Great War: The Band of the Cavalry Division and Dragutin F. Pokorni in North Africa (1916-1918)’, New Sound, no. 43, 123-156
  • Vasilejvić, M. (2013) ‘Pogled na hladni rat kroz pericentrične naočare: Titova Jugoslavija i Kekonenova Finska’, Limes Plus, vol. 10, 9-26