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Nadia E.N.

WP2 Engagement Leader, Edgeryders

Nadia is a user experience (UX) designer and engineer with a solid experience in designing and delivering engaging participatory experiences on- and offline. Specializing as a policy advisor for new forms of democratic participation. A regular speaker at international conferences with strong social media presence, a bridge person between activist networks of marginalised groups, artists, civil society, business, media and government. Named Minister of Labour in a “dream government of New Thinkers” imagined for Sweden by the leading financial newspaper in Scandinavia. Prior to Edgeryders, Nadia held senior roles as creative director and planner. Designs and runs university courses on design for demographic and social change. A polyglot and global citizen with roots in Africa, Asia, and Europe.


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  • E.N., N. (2013) ‘Designing for Transcendence: the Interface as a Vehicle for Traveling between Selves’, Master’s Thesis in Human Computer Interaction, School of Media Technology, Royal Institute of Technology