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Prof. Isidora Jarić

Associate Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology

Isidora Jarić is Co-Leader of WP3 (Culture).  She will also contribute to the Report on the politicisation of gender in populist discourses illustrating various aspects of neo-traditionalism. She is also the leader of and, together with Maja Krek and Danica Balaban, is responsible for Task 3.4 ‘Gender identities in transformation: patriarchy, misogyny and homophobia as elements of populist politics discourses in Serbia’. She also contributes to WP2.


  • Jarić, I., & Dajč, H. (2021) ‘The LGBT movement and national sentiments: The politics of ex/in/clusion in the Serbian LGBT community’, Antropologija
  • Jarić, I. (2017) Parenthood under Risk: A Sociocultural Analysis of the Stigma Attached to Rare Disease Patients. Belgrade: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Jarić, I. (2015) ’The Hidden Threat to Official Government Policy: The political discourse of Serbian right-wing extremists on the Stormfront internet forum about the LGBT community’ in Rosić Ilić, T., Koteska, J. and Ljumović, J. (eds), Representation of Gender Minority groups in Media: Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Belgrade: Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, 225-238
  • Jarić, I. (2014) Javni i skriveni kurikulumi srednjoškolske nastave sociologije: Obrazovne reforme u Srbiji (1960-2006). Belgrade: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Jarić, I., Radonjić, O., Lažetić, P. and Živadinović, I. (2014) From Student to (Un)Employed Professional: Findings from the first graduate survey in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro within Tempus project CONGRAD. Belgrade: University of Belgrade
  • Jarić, I. and Sokolovksa, V. (2014) ‘Problems with Implementation of the Project of Gender Equality in Secondary Vocational Schools: A Case of High Schools for Economic Vocations in Serbia’ in Adamović, M., Galić, B., Gvozdenović, A., Maskalin, A., Potočnik, D. and Somun Krupalija, L. (eds) Young Women in Post-Socialist Societies: Research, Practice and Policy. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research, 69-110