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Prof. Nikola Samardžić

Professor of History at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Nikola Samardžić contributes to WP3 (Culture) and will also contribute to the Report on Russian (hidden and overt) influences in populist discourses and public policies. He the leader and, together with Ognjen Radonjić and Milivoj Bešlin, is responsible for Task 3.2 ‘South-East European populism, post-conflict transitional stress and Russian influence’.


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  • Samardžić, N. (2017) ‘Yugoslavia and the Hungarian Uprising 1956: Dilemmas and Controversies’, Limes Plus, vol. 14, 107-123
  • Samardžić, N. (2016) ‘The Jazz Avant-Garde in the American Economy’, New Sound, no. 47, 75-86
  • Samardžić, N., Roter Blagojević, M. and Samardžić, R. (2014) Cultural History of Belgrade – XVIII Century. Belgrade: Hesperia edu and Novi balkanološki institut
  • Samardžić, N. (2014) Identity of Spain. Belgrade: NDIZK and Admiral Books