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Prof. Ognjen Radonjić

Professor of Economics at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Ognjen Radonjić contributes to WP3 (Culture) and will also contribute to the Report on Russian (hidden and overt) influences in populist discourses and public policies. Together with Nikola Samardžić and Milivoj Bešlin, he is responsible for Task 3.2 ‘South-East European populism, post-conflict transitional stress and Russian influence’.


  • Radonjić, O. (2016) The Eurozone Crisis: The Most Expensive Divorce in the World. Belgrade: Hesperia Edu
  • Radonjić, O. and Zec, M. (2015) ‘Global Capital Flows and Financial Disturbances in Developing and Emerging Markets’, Limes Plus, vol, 12, 47-61
  • Jarić, I., Radonjić, O., Lažetić, P. and Živadinović, I. (2014) From Student to (Un)Employed Professional: Findings from the first graduate survey in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro within Tempus project CONGRAD. Belgrade: University of Belgrade
  • Radonjić, O. and Kokotović, S. (2014) Keynes, Minsky and Financial Crises in Emerging Markets. Belgrade: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Radonjić, O. and Zec, M. (2014) ‘Chasing its own Tail for Seven Decades: The Serbian Quest for Self-Reformation’, Limes Plus, vol. 11, 31-43