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Prof. Zdzisław Mach

Professor at the Institute of European Studies, Dean of the Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Scientist-in-Charge, Jagiellonian University, WP1 and WP3 Leader

Zdzisław Mach is the Scientist-in-Charge at Jagiellonian University, where he coordinates and oversees the work of the Jagiellonian University team of researchers. He acts as Leader for WP1 (Key Concepts) and WP3 (Culture). In Work Package 1, his task is to conceptualise the notion of neo-traditionalism and test it on several case-studies from the region of Central and Eastern Europe in order to diagnose the recent turn towards conservatism and nationalism among the post-communist societies of CEE and see it in a broader, interdisciplinary and diachronic perspective. The aim of this task is to conceptualise a working model of neo-traditionalism and test its viability in different dimensions. In Work Package 3, Zdzisław Mach’s main research task is to investigate various perceptions of Europe and the EU in Poland and the broader region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This study will be conducted through the analysis of institutional discourses and education curricula in CEE, as well as through interviews with young returning migrants and their values. This multi-dimensional research aims at exploring various facets of national and European identity among Central and Eastern Europeans.


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