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Vladimir Ninković

Vladimir Ninković contributes to WP3 (Culture) and will also contribute to the Report on new media and right wing populist discourse. Together with Haris Dajč and Maja Vasiljević, he is responsible for Task 3.1 ‘New media and populism: cyber-politics and media literacy in the Western Balkans’.


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  • Kešetović, Ž. and Ninković, V. (2016) ‘Migrants and Local-Extremists in South-Eastern Europe’ in Čaleta, D. & Shemela, P. (eds) Comprehensive Approach to Counter Radicalism and Extremism – Future Challenges for Counter Terrorism Process. Monterrey, CA: Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, Center for Civil-Military Relations, 101-115
  • Keković, Z., Dragišić, Z. and Ninković, V. (2015) ‘Towards Resilient Critical Infrastructure against Terrorism Risk’ in Čaleta, D. & Radović, V. (eds) Comprehensive Approach as “Sine Qua Non” for Critical Infrastructure Protection. NATO ARW, IOS Press, 45-59
  • Keković, Z. and Ninković, V. (2014) ‘On-line call to Jihad – Radicalization through the Internet’, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Crisis Management Days, University of Velika Gorica
  • Kešetović, Ž., Ninković, V. and Milašinović, S. (2012) ‘Ekstremnadesnica u Srbiji i rizikdesnogterorizma’, KulturaPolisa, Udruženje za Političke Nauke Srbije, vol. IX, 287-309