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Dr István Kollai

Assistant Professor

Institute of World Economy, Corvinus University of Budapest 

WP1 and WP5 Researcher

POPREBEL project

Within POPREBEL I intend to scrutinise the varieties of anomalies of capitalism, with a special focus on the presence of informal networks and hierarchies in capitalist structures, labelled many times as new feudalism, neo-feudalism or re-feudalisation. This direction is supplemented with the research question, how Central and Eastern European urban and rural regions effects each other’s socio-economic and cultural development.


  • Kollai, I. (2018) ‘If castles and statues could speak to us: the changing freedom of historical interpretation in the case of Slovakia’, Relacje Międzykulturowe [Intercultural Relations], 4:2 (4), pp. 69-82
  • Kollai, I. (2017) ‘Visegrad Brands on the Global Markets’, Foreign Policy Review, 10, pp. 108-120
  • Kollai, I. (2017) ‘Reinventing the narrative of Central Europe. The imaginary geography of Central Europe in the era of global cultural consumerism’, in Korporowicz, L. and Banaś, M. (eds) Jagiellonian Ideas – Towards Challenges of the Present Time. Krakow
  • Kollai, I. (2013) Rozsitepená minulost. Kapitoly z histórie Slovákov a Madarov. [Shattered Past. Chapters from the History of Slovaks and Hungarians]. Budapest: Terra Recognita Foundation

Newspaper articles:

Slovakia’s election: Populism for the rule of law?

Work in Progress:

‘From crony- to feudal capitalism: Evolvement of personal dependencies within capitalism’

‘Urban-rural inequalities in CEE and their political consequences’

‘Feudalizmus: több mint metafora?’ (in Hungarian)